Friday, 15 March 2013

I Love Breasts.

Woman, thou art beautiful!

I have had a week of significant enlightenment and self-realization, and reached this conclusion:

I am a woman.

My father once said that a woman, can be referred to as a wombed man. Agreed, but I believe there is much more to us than that. We were once symbols of fertility, home-makers, and mothers. Today, we are hangers, or mannequins if you'd have it, for trendy clothes; we are objects used for decorative purposes on music videos; symbols of pleasure on mobile devices and home computers worldwide. Sex, something so pure, and intimate, has been turned into an industry, degenerated into something cheap, quick and shallow. It is no longer a sacred bond to be shared between husband and wife, rather, between any individuals who have the strong desire to share their bodies with another party, never mind the cost.
We have it all wrong.

I am beautiful.

"Skinny doesn't always mean beautiful," can be considered a cliche now, but how true is it, really.
See today, skinny is beautiful. That is what we have accepted, and the rest of the female population, has had to endure some harsh fashion and social injustices, as the 'fitting' 30% of our total population, is put on a pedestal, either for inflicting upon their bodies, harsh eating habits, or simply having good genes - although that's not good excuse enough not to keep fit, etc.

Imagine: the beginning of creation, some time during the day in the garden of Eden, Adam awakens, only to see the most enchanting creature lying next to him. Her body: wholesome, beautiful, and fertile in some sense. This is before sin came into the picture, Adam has no lustful thoughts  or impure desire for Eve.

How absolutely awestruck could Adam have been, her existence must have incited the heavy, nearly tribalistic beating of the drum that was his heart, and of the natural attraction he would have had to her - the male and female body created for each other.
Eve then, was a symbol of the hope for new life, a child bearer was introduced to the world.

The Venus of Willendorf, is an artwork I recently studied, and I was most intrigued by her! If you look 
The Venus of Willendorf. A limestone statuette of a female figure,
estimated to have been made between 24, 000 B.C and 22, 000 B.C.
at her shape, she is round. Her posterior is generously sized, as well as her breasts. Her body is teeming with hormones to bear and nurture children. Her body, a place of solace, strength and peace. She bears no facial features, as she is a universal symbol of fertility.

I love breasts. 

I really do. When I feel broken, or  defeated, I find comfort in leaning my head into my mother's bosom. I have friends, large breasted female friends, and I find myself at a loss for words to explain how beautiful their breasts are. Even in the bible, breasts: Proverbs 5:18-19,
"..a loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love."

When I read this verse two years ago, I chuckled and blushed alone in my bedroom, finding it hard to grasp what was meant when this was said. I may be one step closer to understanding now, although I am unmarried, and am not a husband, I have found that breasts are a wondrous thing.

The female body is grand. 

God has been designing special creations for as long as time has existed. I blame our disconnection, and dislike for His original purpose for us, as a race and nuclear communities, I blame these factors for rape, and other forms of sexual abuse, an accurate reflection of how far we have wondered off the path He originally created for us.

Women. We are priceless. We are more than music video girls, twerkers, models, bodies, prostitutes, exotic dancers, screen-savers, strippers, honeys, rape victims, lesbians, booty calls, porn stars, betties, stekkies, whores, child-bearers. We are more than the labels given to us by a society trapped in a box of darkness, confusion, self-spite, insecurity and superficiality.

We are the hope of tomorrow. We are souls, intricately designed by a King who loves us so deeply, He gave Himself up for us, that we could reclaim our crowns, and sit next to Him on His throne, as princesses, His own.

Men; Boys; Dads; Uncles; Brothers; Cousins; Friends; Boyfriends; Gentlemen; Homies; Lads... Listen!

Treat us with all the respect that your mental and emotional capacity allows you to keep. We are not 'things to have,' rather, beings to keep, to hold and to look after. We are independent, but we need leaders. Using abusive language, and derogatory names when you refer to us, does not make you manly. That is a lie. Power is in the man who has capacity to do anything, but chooses only to do some things, to the benefit of the people around him. You embody all the physical characteristics of a man, be one, don't be a shallow model of your true identity.