Friday, 4 May 2012

Save Energy - It's a Win-Win Situation.

A large population of people live on our planet; an estimated 7.011 billion(according to the United States).

The problem is the measly percentage of our population aware of civil unrest beyond their immediate borders; environmental issues; unemployment in 1st and 3rd world countries; prejudice/racism, amongst other serious issues.

In a world that's forever developing, growing more technologically inclined, we're faced with a problem larger in proportion than any other: a spreading trend of slacktivism.
[SLACKTIVISM:a term formed out of the words slacker and activism. The word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes "feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction.]

Don't get me wrong, this is not another bash at the KONY2012 campaign, it is yet something bigger than that, but easily accessible in terms of being able to make a change. Conserving the environment cannot be done by just sharing heart-wrenching clips and retweeting tweets by 'tree-huggers'.
In the words of the selfless Mahatma Gandhi:
"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Creating awareness for the natural environment around us and learning how to conserve it.

Think briefly about the 3 generations to come, how long until they are your age and consider the speed at which we're "spending" natural resources. What do we plan to leave behind for them? A balding, barren earth?

Here are a few ways to make a difference:
  • reduce our plastic and other non-recyclable purchase, reuse everything we can and recycle. (information about recycling depots is easily accessible on Google.)

  • reduce our water usage. Only ±2% of the earth's water is drinkable(fresh water)

[diagram from USGS website] With the rate at which general pollution is increasing, our water sources are being contaminated and the water cycle cannot function this way for very long- as it is, not all rain water is safe to drink.

  • rather drink water from a filtered tap at home, than buying bottled water off the shelf. 1l of bottled water = 5l of water because the plastic bottles need to be cooled down in water during production. Biodegradable plastic? Rather don't, we don't know how viable that is.

  • install a fabric towel roll in your bathroom. It only has to be popped into the washing machine every so often, and it saves you money on toilet paper.

  • close the tap while you're brushing your teeth.

  • place a brick in your cistern, you will use less water to flush.

  • insulate your geyser, it loses less heat and uses less power to heat up.

  • have your thermostat 'turned down' so your geyser doesn't have to heat your water to levels you'll never require.

  • when waiting for water to heat up in the shower, store that cool water in a bucket/barrel and use it to flush for the day or fill the swimming pool.

  • give old clothing items away, instead of chucking throwing them in the bin. 

  • unplug plugs/chargers when not in use and make sure wall sockets are turned off.

  • when buying soda, purchase one small bottle of it and however many large(2l usually) bottles you desire and decant that soda into the small bottle.

  • rather don't flush sanitary products down the toilet.

  • install water-saving shower-heads in your bathrooms.

  • buy products placed on white polystyrene trays- they are recyclable, unlike black polystyrene trays. 

  • cover your pool with a pool cover, less water loss.

  • put together a lift club.

There are obviously more, but these are good to start off. We need to #THINKtomorrowDOtoday.

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