Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Because the World Says So

'Unmotivated, lazy, unwilling, low standards, self-absorbed and spoon fed.'
If any adult told me I was any of the above, I would, without thinking, retaliate and blame their generation for being 'easy on us' and practising forceless discipline.

Beautiful, loving, mature, kind, serene, positive and well dressed- always.
Anyone paying me compliments of the kind above, would immediately be my favourite. A person I love to love, because I receive love in return.

See, teens my age and adults alike have been brainwashed into self-serving, gluttonous hoarders, one way or another. Nobody(not the world, governments, parents, children, the church for show and the poor) wants to hear the cold truth if it means making them feel any less 'good' than they think of themselves. People who give of themselves only when it feels good and suits them, as long as it is not beyond our comfort zones.

'But why?' the poor ask. Why can't the world see past its own realities, why can't it face or speak the absolute truth. How is it that we are so fast to defend matters and acts that any average person would know not to. When can we speak the truth and not offend anyone.
Are we sincerely satisfied with sugar-coated lies, dumbed down education and ignorance to the things happening to people in countries with power hungry leaders?
How is it, that the gap between rich and poor is increasing, with the rich only getting wealthier and the poor, dying slowly of starvation and disease.

Society gives respect to two different extremes of people: The multimillionare businessmen and women, and noble hearted philanthropists either rich or poor. Anything in between is not enough, so we find middle class families and individuals working hard to die rich or give of everything they have to receive greater rewards in heaven.

We're living in a broken world and so many people are hungry for change, and as cliche as it is, the change begins with you and me. If we put less value on wealth and materialistic things, there'll be better distribution of wealth amongst the world; less severity of wars between leaders with their countries over unfair taxes going into back-pockets of state departments; less human trafficking of women and children, forced into sex slavery and illegal labour; less crime because lower income bracket fitting individuals don't feel left out of something important; less carbon emissions; less people missing out on an eternity spent in heaven because of self-sufficiency.

But all of the above is just a naive 15year old's dream, and maybe, just maybe, someday it will all see itself coming true.

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