Sunday, 18 September 2011

Happily Ever After

I don't remember how long I was there, but the sun shone brightly and provided great lighting for groups of excited girls, taking photos to edit and upload onto Facebook. The girls around me wore short skirts and 'bum shorts'(the ones that expose the bottom of your bum cheeks), showing off their cautiously waxed/shaved shimmering legs. The boys of course assumed their positions like vultures, waiting for already defeated prey ie. the girls who easily gave numbers and seemed easy to get past. The raging teenage hormones were nearly pulpable in the atmosphere, and there was a buzz about the place.

My friends and I felt sick, put off by the ill mannered, forward boys our age who showed no respect for girls.
We sat down on a random spot on the heated stone ground in frustration, and were silent for a few seconds, marvelling mentally at the poor state of our generation's self respect and proirities. The noise gradually grew louder, with laughter and shouting of people's names as we sat, quietly, a group of three girls in the middle of the chaos.
A few derogatory names, profane words were thrown around playfully, as if everything was normal.

When the youth is striving to look older, and our elders are working hard to look younger, surely somewhere in the middle things go wrong. Young girls are led on by older guys, young boys are fooled into thinking that premarital sex is mandatory to retain 'cool' status. If no-one is happy with who, what or how old they are, when will we be completely comfortable and practical in our thinking and actions.

Is the rate of divorces going to increase with time as we look to marry the more good-looking, less undesirable people, where social and financial security are more important than love, values and working together to improve one another. I want to marry Prince Charming, whatever colour or nationality God's made him to be, but I fear that by then I would have been programmed to look at the appearance of people rather than the condition of their hearts.

Help us Jesus, to be accepting of people from all walks of life.
Help us to love unconditinally, to be better people to make our world a better place.
King, help us to be less materialistic, for people to see less of us and more of You, in everything we do.
Teach us to work less to be loved by You, because we know it is only by grace.
Show us how to love You for who You are and not just what You can do for us.
Help us work toward our happily ever after-s with an eternal mind set, looking beyond the grave.

My Happily Ever After is with You.
Thank You God for loving me first.

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